Home Staging

Home Staging

Check out these before and after photos of homes I have staged:

before staging deelyn neilson
after staging deelyn neilson
before staging
after staging living room
before staging kitchen
after staging kitchen

Have you ever wondered why some homes just fly off the market and some sit for months with no offers?  It's the presentation!  Staging is all about making your home appealing for the most buyers. That's why I offer FREE staging advice, furniture, and accessories to all of my clients!

Staging and "UnDecorating"

What exactly is staging? Staging is all about transforming your home to be the most visually appealing to potential buyers. It is not about decorating. It is more about 'un-decorating'. 

Think about the last time that you sold a car. Chances are good that you cleaned out the car from hood to trunk and had the car cleaned thoroughly. The same holds true for selling your home. It needs to be 'de-cluttered' and certainly clean.  Staging allows potential buyers to see your home in the clearest way so that they can picture themselves as the home's next owner. 

Staging makes a huge difference! Staging literally takes a house from unsellable to sold. As a part of my listing process, I offer staging services at NO ADDITIONAL COST. I evaluate your staging needs, create a staging plan or you, and then we stage your home for FREE.

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